Fundraising for Time Portal sim begins!

As everyone in Second Life knows; buying a new or even second hand region, investing in a pile of buildings, props and  furniture, and then grandfathering it to make sure you can keep paying the tier, costs a bundle of money.
Hundreds of real non virtual dollars.

I know there is a need for a new good historical, vintage and retro shopping sim and know that people will love the community I’ll create around it, offering visitors a diverse and photogenic location where they can hang out, enjoy a hamburger at a 1950s diner, listen to Medieval music, watch 1930s movies, dance to the music of an 17th century harpsichord, etc, etc.
They can even move in and live in a wonderful historical apartment or house.

This new community for Time Travellers will be called ‘Time Portal’.

If you want to read more about our plan, click here.

To finance this new sim we’ve decided to ask for help.
We’re starting the fundraising today!

To help Time Portal become reality you can help us by visiting our Fundraising display outside the gate where we hope to open Time Portal, you can find it by clicking HERE.

You can make a donation in the donation meter (and get a free toy Tardis!) there but you can also support the Time Portal sim by buying some of the wonderful items on offer there!

One of Second Life’s best vintage designers Sonatta Morales has an amazing offer; Buy 4 unique, custom made dresses (original mesh) before they become available to the general public and get a unique black and gold evening gown and jewellery for free!
This gown will ONLY be sold as part of the Time Portal fundraising and will not be sold afterwards!
So if you’ve wanted to own an extremely rare Sonatta Morales dress, this is your chance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also for sale is a jar of real Berlin air!
Berliner Luft is a synonym for the sense of freedom and everything else wonderful about this amazing city. And I caught it myself, in a jam jar!
Sniffing the content of this jar is at your own risk.


Also, excellent for hospital roleplay; an old fashioned hospital gown for him and her, made by ChiChi Fredericks Designs;


You can also buy a wonderful ‘Eloise Baker’ Casual day dress, perfect for exploring 1920s Berlin with!


Finally, not to be missed, get a copy of the English Heritage plaque placed on the home of Jacob von Hogflume, the inventor of time travel, but of course you already knew that.


And all the proceeds for these sales goes to the buying and building of our Time Portal sim!

So if you want the community & shopping area for time travellers to become reality in Second Life, come on over, make a donation or buy one of our special items!

Make sure you follow this blog and join us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news.




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