The Time Travellers Ball

This Friday, the 16th of September, we’re having a Time Travellers Ball!

Because our Time Portal sim is not yet ready, we’re having it in the Hotel Adlon, in 1920s Berlin.
But once the Time Portal sim is opened we hope to make this dance a regular event for all time travellers!

We invite everyone to come join us in 1920s Berlin to enjoy the music, a LIVE performance by Joaquin Gustav, an auction and lots of dancing!
There is also a prize for the best Historical male & female outfit.
So have lots of fun and at the same time help us gather the funds to buy our region.

This Ball is part of our fundraising effort, read more about that by clicking here.

You can fid the Hotel Adlon in 1920s Berlin, click here for a slurl, in Berlin get on the train and then take the tram, it stops right outside the hotel.
You can also walk towards the Brandenburger Tor, or simply ask for directions in our SL group.

time travel ball poster.jpg



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