We’ve reached our target!

Our idea for a Time Travellers sim, a HQ for history lovers in Second Life, has attracted a lot of attention.
It seems that it appeals to a large segment of our virtual world.

And people have shown their excitement for our plan by visiting 1920s Berlin, making donations and buying some of the special items on offer, helping us reach over 60% of our target within a few days!

Last Friday we organised a huge fundraising event at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin to try and gather as much of the last 40% as possible.

Lots of people joined up, all dressed in wonderful historical costumes, Marlene Dietrich performed, Joaquin Gustav played his guitar, there was a lot of dancing and we had a fantastic auction.
Lots of people had donated great items to sell and the excitement was electric.


The bids went very high and at the end of a very excited evening we reached our goal!
Many big payments were made and unfortunately I can’t thank everyone but special thanks to Fraulein Matova who made a massive donation at the very start of our fundraising and to Fraulein Hasp who topped up the meter to 100% with a massive donation after the auction ended.


So, Time Portal is coming!
In the couple of days we’ll buy a region, install it and then start building like mad.
We’ve already been buying wonderful historical stuff so we hope to get things setup soon.

Thank you everyone who helped out in one way or another, the future looks bright, the past even brighter.
See you in Time Portal!


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