We’ve started building!

We managed to find an affordable second hand region, bought it and have started building!

I’ve decided that there will initially be 6 permanent Time Zones;

  1. The Roman Empire
  2. Late Medieval
  3. 18th century France
  4. The Victorian era
  5. The 1920s, 30s and 40s
  6. The 50s & 60s

When you arrive at Time Portal, you will be able to step through a portal and visit one of those eras.
If you are a shopkeeper who sells items for one of these eras and you sell authentic and historically accurate stuff, get in touch, we may have a shop for you.

We had to choose these 6 eras because sadly space and prims are not limitless.


We are planning to have Skybox Time Zones as well!
These will be setup in skyboxes and you can get to them with the use of a Time Machine or landmark.
Here you will be able to enjoy Historical experiences build by us or by guest builders.
So maybe in the near future you can spend some time exploring a Viking settlement, 1960s London, prehistoric Stonehenge, etc, etc.
Some of these skybox Time Zones will be temporary, just around for  a few weeks and then gone for ever.
Others will be more permanent.
Some of these will be just a pretty place for making photos, others something special for a role-play event, a place to live, or just for a once in a lifetime party.

Once Time Portal is finished and open to the public we will start looking for creative time travellers who are interested in building these Skybox Time Zones with and for us.


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