Calendar Club opening!

Time Portal has only been open for about a week and already the 1920s-30s-40s zone is open and welcoming lots of visitors.
Apartments and shops have all been rented and the future is bright.
The 1950s-60s zone will open probably sometime this week.

But next Wednesday we’re opening the Calendar Club, an Art Deco club in the heart of our 1920s-30s-40s zone.

The famous Sonatta Morales will perform, Myron Byron will play some great tunes from this golden era between the two wars and there will be plenty of drinking, dancing and chatting.

And because Time Portal is not a historical roleplaying sim, we won’t have a dress code here and unrealistic avatars are welcome.
Of course we do expect you to at least wear some clothes and behave.
But you don’t have to be human and you don’t have to wear 1920s-30s-40s clothes, although it is encouraged and we would appreciate it if you did.

We hope that the Calendar Club will become one of SL’s top locations for all vintage/retro/nostalgic parties, dances and events.

When our 1950s/60s zone opens we’ll also have a venue there that will counter for people looking for something a little more recent.

We hope to welcome you at the Calendar Club this Wednesday at 3pm SLT.

You can find it by clicking this slurl;


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