The Time Machine has been activated

From now on you can visit Time Portal via the Time Portal Laboratory, also known as the Time Machine.

Here you will be able to see how we managed to control time and space, see how our Time Portals work and from this central point you’ll be able to visit the Time Zones.

At the moment only 2 portals are activated, they use up a lot of power and our Flux Capacitor is barely managing.
Once we continue to update our Windows 1939 software, we will open up more portals.

Our first portal will take you to the 1920s/30s/40s zone, our second portal, to be opened later today, will take you to the 1950s/60s zone.

You will of course also be able to teleport directly to those zones or individual shops via SL search or with landmarks.
But it is fun for first time visitors to arrive at the Time Machine and pick an era from there.
It is the heart of the Time Portal Sim.

You will also be able to visit other historical sims from here.
We’ve invited some of SL’s best Time Travel experiences and placed mini portals to the on our wall.
Make sure to check them out!

The slurl to our Time Machine is;


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