The 1950s-60s Model Home in Time Portal now open

We have decorated a home in our 1950s-60s zone with lots of very well made and detailed items by FIN.
It gives you an idea how a young (married of course!) couple would decorate their small but modern home.

Everyone is welcome to explore this ‘model home’ and have some fun, just feel a little nostalgic and of course make amazing pictures!
If you need to rez a few items or pose balls, don’t hesitate to ask for our special photographers temporary rezzing permit.

And yes, if you promise to clean up after yourself, you can even have a little wild rock ‘n roll party there, I know what you youngsters are like these days!

You can find the apartment here;

Please don’t forget to mention Time Portal and our slurl if you upload pictures made here and add them to our Time Portal Flickr Group!

We are not responsible for any damage the wallpaper may do to your eyes.


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