New Time Zone opens; Welcome to Victorian London!

It is already time to open another Time Zone in our Time Portal sim!
Just in time for Christmas… we present to you;

Victorian London!

The Time Portal will be activated this Saturday at noon, SLT.

Victorian London will give you a impression of what it might have been like to visit this overcrowded city during the late 19th century.
The Portal will transport you into one of the East End’s notorious slums, narrow dirty streets, covered in manure, dark alleyways, boarded up shops, sinister courtyards and god only knows what is in those pies being sold on the corner.
Keep your wits about you, this is a dangerous place, you may bump into Jack the Ripper.

But af the end of Butterfly Lane, past the factory and the Spinning Mule, you’ll find Dickens Square.
A much nicer and spacious area with fancy town houses, a chapel, shops and a nice modest Music Hall, where you’ll be able to enjoy exhibits, stage shows, a play, dances or maybe witness an early Suffragette meeting.
And of course, there is a pub, where would we be without a pub!

Just like the other Time Zones there won’t be a dress code and it is not a roleplaying area, but that does not mean that role-play is not welcome.
Quite the opposite.
We encourage visitors to dress the part and if you feel right at home, look for the ‘Apartment for rent’ signs and move in!

You’ll be able to visit our Victorian Zone through the time machine from Saturday the 3rd of December 2016.
You can find the Time Machine by clicking this url;


2 thoughts on “New Time Zone opens; Welcome to Victorian London!

  1. I’m sure its very lovely, but no matter how long I stayed, only half of it would rez for me and I have a a good graphics card and processor so things usually render very quickly for me. And yet again, a place with so much potential standing empty 😦 I wish people would explore SecondLife more instead of sticking to the same two landing points.


    • Sorry to hear that, not sure why that happened, for me it all rezzes pretty fast and I’m on an old MacBook.
      Then again, when I was at my mothers house using her internet, things were bad.
      Traffic is pretty decent though, but it really depends on the time of day if you bump into others or nobody.


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