The next Time Zone; 18th century France!

It won’t be long before we open the next time portal!
This one will take you to a chateau in 18th century France!
This wonderful little palace lies somewhere in the woods, far away from the cities but will it be far enough from the revolution for those who live there to be safe?
Or is the guillotine about to be set up in the fancy garden?
We’re not sure yet, this is something we’re going to discuss together with whoever wants to live here!
Because yes, we’re looking for people interested in this moment in time.
As with the other zones we’re looking for tenants but because this is not an urban setting but a country house setting, we may need to find one wealthy family in stead of several people renting apartments.
Unless… maybe we’ll decide the revolution has already happened and we can rent out the palace to a whole bunch of common folks!
So, when the portal opens we have this wonderful building and two farm buildings just outside the gate where we have space for 4 shopkeepers.
We look forward to your ideas and suggestions for what to do with the chateau and if you’re interested in renting it or part of it, get in touch.
And of course, if you’re a shopkeeper who makes authentic 18th century French items and would like to open a shop, also let me know!

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