Photo contest for Time Travellers!


As you may have noticed winter has come to Time Portal.

Of course winter won’t last too long and before you know it all the snow will melt, but for now everything is covered in a wonderful white blanket.

To celebrate winter we’re organising a photo contest!

The rules are simple;

Make a wonderful picture in any of our open Time Zones to show off what the place looks like in winter.
Simply upload the photo to our Flickr group and/or Facebook page!

The deadline is the last day of January.
I will then personally pick my 3 favourites, one for each Time Zone.
Winners will be announced in the first week of February.

If your picture wins you get to live in the Time Zone your picture was taken in for a month, with 100 prims, rent free!
You can see the 3 homes you can win in the pictures below.
You are allowed to send in pictures for all 3 Time Zones and you could end up winning a home in each era if you’re really lucky 🙂

Once your month of free rent is up, you’re of course welcome to become a permanent paying tenant.


A two floor apartment above a shop on Dickens Square.



A spacious one room apartment in Delmonico’s building on Times Square


The penthouse apartment in the 1950s-60s zone!


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