Scavenger Hunt for Time Travellers!

The Time Portal Scavenger Hunt is running now through February 18th. While taking part in this hunt you will travel through three time eras beginning with the Victorian and passing into the 20s 30s and 40s era before ending in the 50s and 60s.
You will need to find 4 items per zone. The great news is that each object you are looking for is unique to that time zone and you will receive a notecard with a clue to the next objects location. Follow the hints in the notecards and click on everything!

Please be respectful to our residents by staying out of their apartments and homes. There will not be an object to be found in private residences but certainly look inside all the buildings, high and low, and in every crack! I say again, click on everything! Everyone is welcome to play and we encourage you to invite all your friends over for the fun.

Our fantastic Time Portal merchants have generously provided free prizes to be given at the end of your quest. Please take a moment to thank them as you unwrap your prize.

We invite you to join our free inworld group , to join us on Facebook and to follow our blog for updates
Our blog

Prizes provided by : ~Weimar! ~ Sonatta Morales *8* ~ G&D Motors ~ Eclectica ~ Eloise Baker ~ Casa de Bebe ~ Kusshon ~

The fun starts here :

Click on everything and have fun !



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