New Time Zone opening; 18th century France!

Saturday the 13th of May 2017 at noon SLT, we shall open another Time Portal in our laboratory and allow you the possibility to visit 18th century France!

This zone will be nothing like the others, no urban crowed narrow streets full of shops, smells and traffic.
The second you step through this portal you will find yourself in the dark forests of France, following a narrow but clearly often used dirt road towards a clearing.
There you’ll find a wonderful chateau, used by a wealthy family when they want to escape their house in busy Paris.

Will they be in?
Has the luggage been unpacked, dust sheets removed, are the servants hard at work in the kitchens or is the place abandoned?
Are they perhaps afraid of the Revolution or is that still years away?
You never quite know what year it is as our Time Machine still has that nasty virus.

Anyway, go find yourself a nice outfit, buy some 18th century French Linden Coins at your local antique store and meet us at the laboratory for the opening so you can be one of the first to explore this new time zone!

The Time Machine laboratory can be found by clicking here.


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