New additions to the 1950s-1960s Time Zone

Today I added four new shops to the 1950s-1960s time zone.
Wonderfully build and filled to the rim with nostalgic details by Nil McCallen, owner of the FIN relive the fifties store.
These shops together give us a little square where you can visit he past.
Although the shops are mostly roleplay and do not sell anything (yet) they are are such fun to just look around in and of course pose for some fantastic retro pictures for the Time Portal Flickr group!
So grab the family and make a vintage day out of it.
Take the kids to the toy store, drag them past the pet store, stuff them with sugar bought at the candy store then send them to the pizza parlour so dad and mum can go get their hair done, see a movie at the cinema and then have a burger and dance at the Diner

You can find the new shops at the end of the street in our 1950s-1960s time zone at Time Portal;


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