Ambassador Hotel grand opening!

On August the 15th we are opening a brand new place in our 1920s-30s-40s zone in Time Portal;

The Ambassador Hotel!


This building combines the old Calendar Club & Cocoanut Grove into one new place for your perfect night out in the golden era of swing.

You can hang out in the wonderful lobby, have a smoke, read the latest news from the front in Europe or await your date in style.
Then join us upstairs in the Cocounut Grove ballroom, just as glamorous as you remember it from before the renovation, it is just a little better and has that ‘new ballroom’ smell, like you may remember from back when it first opened, before the war.
And finally, end your perfect evening by booking yourself and your date one of the very comfortable and modern rooms in the hotel above the club.
No matter how late the GI’s an their gals make it, you will not be disturbed by their sound as the ballroom is perfectly sound-proof.

Of course, if you’re loving the Ambassador hotel as much as we do, you can prolong your stay and not leave the hotel room till the next party…

The Cocoanut Grove is the home of the famous Geoff Quinnell Orchestra who perform there weekly.

The grand opening party will take place on Tuesday the 15th of August at 1pm SLT.
Not to be missed!
The Geoff Quinnell Orchestra will perform, featuring the well known pianist Cad Wallader.

You can visit the Ambassador Hotel by clicking here.

Remember; for the party we have a 1930s-40s dress code.


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