Victorian tales read in Time Portal

On sunday the 27th of August, at 11:30AM SLT, a group of gifted Spoken Word talent will present several stories from Victorian literature in a special cooperation between the Seanchai Library and Time Portal.

For 90 minutes readers Corwyn Allen, Fayleen Bellois, Cybele Moon, Dubhna Rhiadra, and VT Torvalar will read stories to the audience, live in voice.
Come and listen to scintillating adventures from penny dreadfuls to classic Victoriana like selections from Edgar Allan Poe, Kipling, and other icons of Victorian Literature.

Not to be missed!

The London Music Hall is on the corner of Dickens Square in the Victorian London Time Zone.
We don’t have a dress-code here although of course the experience is more fun when you’re wearing something Victorian.
Luckily there are plenty of Victorian shops in the area, so why not come a little early so you can find yourself a nice outfit and of course also explore the neighbourhood.

You can directly teleport to Dickens Square by clicking here.

The Facebook event can be found online by clicking here.

Also, more information here on the SLartist website.


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