The Time Travellers Society

Adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit
“By adding little to little there will be a great heap”.

Building and managing a sim in SL costs a lot of time and money.
The Time Traveller’s Society is a Supporters program with benefits that was started to help secure the future of the projects I create and the communities that live there.
And even though Berlin and Time Portal are able to look after themselves these days, support is still very welcome as it helps me justify all the time I spend on running these sims and it also allows me to keep improving them, invest in new things, organize events and also start looking towards the future, new sims like 1940s London!
And of course it is also a much appreciated sign of support to me in person, letting me know how much you love the sims I build and the communities that bring them to live.

Becoming a member of the Time Traveller’s Society costs L$5000 a month but it comes with several benefits for BOTH 1920s Berlin and Time Portal!

In Time Portal;

  • Your portrait will go up in the Time Machine laboratory and the Time Traveller’s Club.
  • You get rezzing permission and 50 prims to use in in Time Portal or extra on top of on your tenant prim allowance if you’re also a tenant (this can also be used for a skybox as long as it isn’t visible from the street)
  • Exclusive access to (not yet finished) Time Traveller’s Society suite.
  • Exclusive access to special Time Traveller’s Society member only events, such as sneak previews of new Time Portal areas, a tour of a new exhibit, etc.

In 1920s Berlin;

  • Your portrait will go up in the Supporters Gallery at the Amtshaus
  • You get 50 prims to use in Berlin or extra on top of on your tenant prim allowance if you’re also a tenant (this can be used for a skybox as long as it isn’t visible from the street)
  • You get the option to rent 100 or 200 extra prims.
  • You get exclusive access to the Long Term Tenants & Supporters Club Room
  • You get exclusive use of the Hotel Adlon penthouse
  • You will not be evicted if you’re 3 days behind on your rent, you’re allowed to be 7 days behind before risking eviction.

You become a tenant by paying one of the computer screens on the wall saying “click for info and pay to join time travellers society.”.
Once you’ve rented the empty picture frame in the gallery by paying it L$5000 (you can pay in smaller amounts after this first payment) I will get in touch with you and make sure you get the benefits, such as the supporters group title that besides a reputation boost will also allow you to rez.
Please also send me a picture you want me to use for the gallery.

If you want to donate more or if all computer screens are taken, contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information on renting more prims, check your home’s information note or get in touch.

Even if you are not a tenant (yet) you will still get these prims and be able to use them, for instance to rez a car or decorate a hotel room even if you don’t officially have rez permissions there.
In Berlin you can only rez a skybox if you’re also a tenant but in Time Portal we don’t have this limit.
Just make sure the skybox is very high up so nobody will see it floating in the sky from the Time Zones.

We also have the Club Room at the Amtshaus on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, right above where the Supporters gallery is.
The sign says ‘Archive’, to keep the curious out.
Long Term Tenants also have permission to use this room so why not have a fun party together or a nice meal.

Try the doors, if they don’t open, get in touch and I’ll get you the key.

For any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jo Yardley
The 1920s Berlin Project
Time Portal


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