Opening the Roman Time Zone!

One final Time  Portal at the time travel laboratory is about to be open and that will mean the “completion” of the Time Portal sim!

Of course I’ll keep updating and improving things till the end of time and we will be having guest builders create temporary Time Zones (more about that later) but technically, the next Time Zone will be the last official one.

And it is opening on the 20th of September!

Join us on that date at noon SLT for the activation of Time Portal number 6, step through it and visit the Roman empire!

Explore the streets, make an offering at the temple, have a snack at one of the many food stores, buy some clothes, see gladiators being trained at the Domus, see a play at the theatre and empty your bladder while chatting with your friends at the public latrina.

Love the atmosphere?
Why not make the zone your home!
Many of the apartments and even villas can be rented and yours to live in!

See you this Wednesday at noon SLT, in the Time Machine Laboratory and enjoy being among the first to explore this new historical zone!


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