Time Portal celebrates 1st anniversary with Time Traveller’s dance

October 1st 2016 we first activated the time machine and opened Time Portal to the public.
Time sure does fly!

The first year of our sim has been a huge success, lots of events, people moving in, a community of Time Traveller’s that is growing and last week we activated the last official Portal in our Time Machine laboratory!
Just in time for our first anniversary.

Time to celebrate!

I’d like to invite you to our first annual Time Traveller’s Dance in the brand new ‘Time Traveller’s Club’ on the first of October 2017 at 2pm SLT.
Our wonderful DJ Myron Byron will spin some swanky tunes from throughout history and we’ll have a swell old time!

The dress code is Historical, so put on something nice you picked up during one of your time travels!
Any era is welcome.

Besides having a lot of fun, you’ll also be able to check out the new Time Traveller’s club.
An 1930s Art Deco club that is the bee’s knees, but as the place where Time Travellers relax, it is littered with souvenirs they picked up on their adventures.
A teleport to the club can be found in the Time Machine Laboratory on the day;  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Time%20Portal/128/127/1930

Hope to see you there & then!

time travellers dance poster copy

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