The Time Traveller’s Club

Where do Time Travellers go when they need a break from their adventures?
Where do they hang out with fellow time travellers?
They go to the Time Traveller’s Club of course!
This place is where they go for a drink, dance and chat.
Nobody knows where or when it exactly is, somewhere in the middle of time and space I reckon.
It was established in the 1930s when the Time Traveller’s Society was established but time traveller’s have made it a tradition to bring souvenirs from their travels and put them on the walls.
There are bits and bobs from all over history just lying about the place.
Come and check the place out, use the teleporter in our Time Machine laboratory of use the following slurl;

There is no dresscode, so come as you are.
Open 437 hours a day.

Make sure you check out the arcade and examine the time travel souvenirs!


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