The 1940s London zone opening

Our scientists have managed to open and stabilize a new time portal in our laboratory and on December 8th we are opening the gate for all time travellers!
Be careful though, you will be visiting a war zone, it will be dangerous!

This new portal will take you back to London during the Blitz in 1940.
Explore the Underground Station, the mysterious radio tower, a local pub, the dance hall but of course also all the bomb damage.
Be ready to run and hide when you hear the sirens though…

Join us on Sunday December 8th at 1PM SLT in our Time Machine Laboratory (click here for slurl)

And remember, be like dad, keep mum!

P.S; This is a test for me to see if there is any interest in this theme, if the traffic is good, if people want to live here and roleplay here and if finances allow it, I may eventually turn this into a full region sim.



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